340 S Normandie Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90020-3101

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The guy from pest control didnt do nothing ..he just came into the apartment for less than 5 min. and he took off. Now the manager is trying to contact the company, however they dissapear, they never answer and meanwhile i'm here with itchness all over my body. The manager even said i shouldn't worry since i have only few bed bugs??
What's wrong with her?//

October 11, 2011 @ 2:30am.

i just found out some bebugs in my matress. My poor son is only 1yr, and he was already bitted by those horrible bed bugs. I can't go to sleep with all this itchiness. I have never experience this situation. Tomorrow morning I will inform my landlords about bed bugs. However i strongly believe they already know this.I recently noticed people moving from this apartment complex, and suddently the managers replace some carpets apartments with wood floor. My neighnbor

threw all her furniture.It seems managers wants to keep it as secret.

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I discovered bedbug in the unit. I still didn't have any bites at this time. Reported to managment next day, but it was to late. That night I got bitten really bad. I had a really agressive reaction to the bites. Still waitting for a solution cause the sprays done by management don't work.

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