729 S Union Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90017-2115

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I really hate to be the most recent person to write on here but I have to be honest. I moved into this apartment september of last year and everything seemed to be fine for the 1st 9 or 10 months. Sometime after that I started to notice that I was always itching and it wasnt until I had friend over and she could not sleep all night that I realized that someting was wrong. One night I was watching tv and I saw one lying dead on my sofa bed.I wasnt very sure what it was until I looked it up onli

ne and showed the maintance guy. I was so worried and had to know the truth. I had a sofa bed a the time and after ripping off all the sheets and lifting my mattress I saw a couple. That was not the worst part. The worst part was opening up the cracks and crevices of the mattrass and seeing hundreds of them crawling everywhere. I was so disgusted I had to throw out my mattress and I had someone come out. After managment not being able to get them to come for a week, I grew impatient. Finally he came out and told me I had them in the walls and the sofa had to be thrown out immediately because there were thousands of bed bugs and eggs. His, management's, and maintenance's excuse was that every hotel and hospital has them now when I asked them why is this happening and how can I get rid of them. After living in 4 othe apartments in new jersey and 19 years in a house I had never had this problem before and this was not an excuse for me. I was so disgusted. Even 4 months after throwing them all away, gettin a blow up matress, having the place exterminated three times, and washing all of my blankets in hot water every week,and cleaning my house every 4 days with bleach, I still could not seem to get rid of them. I was living alone and only 23 so I warn any woman of my age or man or family please for you own sake, do not make the same mistake that I did and move into an apartment without checking this registry first and the roachs registry for your own safety and to save yourself and your family money and stress.

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I have been here since 2008. Not only can I not get rid of the bedbugs but the place is also overrun with roaches. My bestfriend who also lived here ended up with bedbugs in his apartment as well as I transferred them back and forth.
Management doesn't seem to care about either infestation and the health department really should condemn this building.

i just moved my daughter into this building that i didnt like from the get go but she signed a 6 month lease...I got home and seen this site on a web search of the address. I was looking for bus routes and low and behold, i see this!! Well this was on 08/23/2010. I called her and told her to be aware. The next morning (yesterday) she sent me a txt..."I have them!" Apparently she went to her college and she seen one on her backpack. FRICKIN AWESOME!!! Embarrassing for a 17 yr old to say th

e least and traumatizing for a young girl starting out on her own! This apartment building should be shut down. I have filed a complaint with the RPA and also the Los Angeles Health Department. I will not stop there. If she is not let out of her lease, I will sue the owners of this building for any furniture (which i purchased all new for her apartment) that gets infested to the point of having to be thrown away. These people try to cover up the fact that there is bedbugs...by painting the walls and putting down sticky wallpaper vinyl on the floor for linoleum. No person should be living in this building let alone just cleaning it up.

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These "newly renovated" apartments are merely painted over and no steps have been taken to get rid of the bed bugs riddling this building. When Management was approached about the infestation, their answer was to send their onsite maintainance man to spray home depot type chemicals, needless to say they are still here and I am getting bitten, and have found live bugs. I have been here a mere 20 days and I am locked into a year lease. STAY AWAY!

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