1318 Maryland St
Los Angeles, CA 90017-2012

Found 4 reports:

Something is living inside where the slidebeds go in. The room located in the middle of the hall way, the right one facing it from the stairway on the 1st floor. These apartments are haunted

My husband had bumps,bites,rash, at first we thought they were just mosquito bites, but they were multiple bites in the same spot and the skin got real swollen and he experienced a lot of pain and itchyness. We thought that maybe it could be flea bites, but we don't have any pets. So I began to look up online bed bugs and low & behold our address showed 2 incidents. July 2011

THEY JUST DONT GO AWAY. It seem like the manager& owner dont really care about the problem.they are eveywhere i wake up in the night to check my kids. I dont even sleep any more because i feel them in the middle of the night.My family and i are moving because of this. I commented to my husband that I think that is propably why the rent in our apartment is so cheap. I think they need to fumigate the whole apartment building but i dont see that happening any time soon.

been up all night. turned on the light at 11pm and found them ALL OVER the bed.

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