1839 S Main St
Los Angeles, CA 90015-3611

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I had bedbugs in this building and management was really good about it! Within a few days they called Admiral Pest Control and the guy took care of my problem. It was a lot of work preparing my apartment for the spray, but it was well worth it! I only needed one spray to get rid of my problem! I talked to my neighbors and some have had the problem but the guy from Admiral took care of their apartments as well.

I dont know why the previous person would say that management charged $500 to spra

y because none of us were charged.

Bedbugs are a common problem now but if you have good managers and a good pest control company, you wont be living with bedbugs!

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When I rented from the Da Capo Building, I was told that there were no cockroaches. However, I never even heard of bedbugs until I woke up one day covered with bites all over my arms and legs. Other tenants told me that I had been bitten by bedbugs and that they also had been bitten. I asked management to get rid of these things and they told me I had to pay them $500 for them to hire an exterminator. My parents finally paid for me to move to another apartment complex.

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