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I remember as a child my mom would say "sleep tight dont let the bed bugs bite"; but I never really knew that bed bugs existed. I recently moved into my apartment and was waking up to a few bite marks here and there. I never paid too much attention to it becuase I was leaving my patio door open at night and just figured a spider had crept its way into my place. I would have never thought that bed bugs was the issue, especially considering that I didnt have any furniture at the time. It wasnt unt

il 11/3/10 while I was studying for my final that I discovered a few bugs crawling down my wall. Being that I am terrified of any insects, I jumped up and turned the light on and to my surprise there were a host of bugs on my wall and on the sofa I recently purchased on 10/23/10. I moved into my room and discovered I had them in there too. That night I had to sleep in my bathtub which was my only safe haven. I collected the bugs and taped them to an index card and took it to my Landlord. He wouldnt confirm it was BB's until an inspector came out which I had to pratically had to insist for one to come out. I was told that I was the only one who reported bed bugs, however I later discovered from the manager that a nearby unit had infact been infested and had just recieved treatment. On 11/5 Orkin was scheduled to come to my unit. The preperation process was dreadful and tedious. I asked for accomodations but was refused. Come to find out the bed bug problem in my apartment complex has a big bed bug problem. I cant believe the manager tried to insinuate I had brought them in. This is a so-called upscale complex. Ha!

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