2408 S Grand Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90007-2647

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FALSE ACCUSATIONS - There are NO BED BUG infestation in the building. The only complaints you see on this report is by the SAME guy in February 2011 when he got his 3 days notice to pay rent and he didn't have the money to pay. If you want the truth you should come to the building and ask the tenants that live there if they are happy living in the building.

I contacted Mona in February 2012, for a listing on 2408 S. Grand Ave, and mentioned this Bed Bug report online.
She assured me that the report was done by a tenant that was not paying rent and was being evicted. He was just trying to prolong his free stay as long as possible.
I met with other tenants in the building that had lived there for a few years and none of them had any complaints about the building or the managers.
I have been living here since then with no complaints. Mike and Mon

a do take care of problems as they arise. I recommend this building to anyone that likes a quiet place with no drama.

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I lived at this address for a period of one year and in addition to roaches, they also have bedbugs. When I discovered that I had bedbugs, I threw out my bed/frame and took to sleeping on a mattress pad from IKEA. It didn't matter because even when I threw away all my furniture, bedbugs were crawling out of the carpet. When I complained to the manager Mona Hendi and requested a professional to come inspect the apartment, she refused. She offered to send resident handyman Mike to come and spray t

he place. This man fixes the gas stoves and sets roach killing sprays in the apartment. He does not live in the building, nor does Mona so whenever there is a problem regarding anything you must call her, leave a message(she never answers), and wait for her to return your call and send out Mike. The building is approximently twelve to sixteen studio apartments with families of at least three or four living in a single studio and I'm certain that if my apartment with just me living in it was full of bugs, so is everyone elses.

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Infestation galore @ The Grand Colonial Apartments. I lived there for six months while going to USC and had a raging infestion of bed bugs in my apartment. I had a friend of mine spend the week @ my house and she would wake up with bite marks all over her arms and neck. After I watched a special on them on tv I lifted up my mattress and nearly passed out. The entire inseam was filled with bed bugs. It was so disgusting, I nearly vomited in my throat. The management doesn't live on the premises a

nd refused to do anything about it. I threw my mattress and frame out. In addition to the bedbugs are roaches as well. The manager refuses to send a professional out and instead sends out the handyman Mike who will have cans of roach spray that he releases into the apartment to kill the bugs. Needless to say, the bugs refused to leave. I vaccumed, cleaned ect. and nothing. I bought another bed and that got infested too. Stay away from this place if you value your health and furniture.

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