2827 Orchard Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90007-2367

Found 2 reports:

Current resident of unit 4. No problem at all.

I have stayed in this apt more than a year. There has been bed bugs reports in at least 3 of the apartments. Apt 1, 2 and 9 and from 9 it went into 4 if I remember correct. And when I say bedbugs I mean bedbugs, a big number of them seen on carpets, matress and bedsheets. In a night one may see any number between 1 to 6-7 may be. Incident dates for Apt 1 and 2 not sure but for number 2 I heard about it last in June 2010 that it has big problem of bed bugs. Apt 9 the problem occured during Spring

2010 semester. The occupants in these apartments do not know there is something like bedbug registry.

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