2353 Portland St
Los Angeles, CA 90007-1917

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Apartment looks very good from outside and lawn , swimmin pool are well maintained. But each house has so many bed bugs than you imagine because even though u keep it clean eventually it wil come no matter whatsoever. And once when cockroaches starts coming it will never stop.Addin oil to the fire , u have the worst manager you could ever imagine constantly jus barging into the house without permission, flirting with girls and being as rude as possible. When you move into the apartment he will a

ct nice coz he has to rent the apt. But once you move in he will bug u like a bug.
People just move out of the apt jus because of this manager.

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I moved in during the fall of 2010 and should have been tipped off by the "bed bug addendum" that I was required to signed. I started getting bite in the spring and realized that many of the other apartments had bed bugs, because there were always stacks of mattresses by the garbage. You could even still see the bugs crawling on those mattresses.

I lived here in 2009 and my room was infested with bedbugs. I noticed many mattresses being placed outside on the streets to pick up, which were also full of bedbugs. I had to move out in 2010 and am glad to be away from this mess!

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