2892 W 7th St
Los Angeles, CA 90005-3979

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Finally I have them. Lived here over a decade and they've been around since then. Around 50 apartments with most leaving within a year + cheap ass landlords+ dryers that rarely work/get hot enough= Bed Bugs. If the landlord had any self respect he'd Vikane the whole fucking building but that costs money. Time to finally move.

Bedbugs, termites and now rodents. Other tenants I've talked to have cockroaches, bedbugs and rodents. Management/Maintenance haven't solved any of these problems. Health Dept. is a whole different problem since they never answer the calls. I waited on hold for 45 minutes and finally hung up. Finally got a hold of them through another route (long story) and was able to file a complaint on 12/15/14. When I checked back to find out what was going on I was given the inspectors direct # to make an a

ppointment for inspection. I left a message 1/5/15 with no reply. I left several messages thereafter and he finally left a message on my vm, however, to date he manages to evade my calls. Los Angeles public Health Dept. useless and corrupt. Just check out the complaints on this property on their website. All complaints which should be major health problems are downgraded to minor things. If you rent here, just know "The Calvary's not com'in! My advice? Save yourself a lot of trouble and
don't rent here! Stay away.

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After being bitten we investigated and found bedbugs in our apartment. Will notify management and follow up here.
From what I've read online, it's going to be a huge pain in neck to get rid of these nasty pests, that's if we can get rid of them.

Suspected bed bugs a few days ago and confirmed their presence with a couple adults and some sheddings last night. I told the property manager in the morning, and before noon she followed up with me and her boss at Artiste Apartments about what I should do to prepare for pest control that will be here in two days (for their first visit of at least two, which are already slated).

I will update this if I can as the process continues.

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