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I just moved into this beautiful older building 9 days ago and I'm already experiencing a problem. The manager did mention that the girl who had the apartment before me said she had been itching, which could have been a number of reasons. She said she didn't notice any marks on her, so I assumed otherwise. Boy was I wrong. Upon moving in, I did an inspection of the apartment and initially saw nothing. The manager offered to "spray" after I had moved in to be sure and I said that I thought i

t was ok but that I would let her know if anything changes.

Well, things changed. I about two days ago, I noticed red bumps on my ankles, legs, arms, feet, back, and neck. Last night when I got home from work, I searched around my bed and found two bed bugs under the rug near my bed, one small and one medium sized - indicating they were at different parts of their lifecycle, which may also indicate a long-term infestation. I know they are bed bugs because I looked up pictures online and they are a match. I'm disgusted and devastated.

I'm hoping the management will work with me to use the most effective treatment, not the least expensive. I researched and found that intense heat is the best possible treatment. The "spraying" she is offering for free would only put a bandaid on the problem. Frankly, I'm also concerned for the other tenants in the building. If this situation isn't handled accordingly, this could become a much bigger, more expensive problem and create more losses for everyone. I really enjoy all other aspects of the building and I hope this can be worked out professionally.

I contacted management and am still waiting to hear back.

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