849 S Oxford Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90005-2917

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They just did and finished more modelling. Nice place and new everything! what a cool location and close to everything. Im happy!

Nice! They just got new COOL management and NEW people are runnin this place. They got some crazy dogs that can smell the bd bugs or something, and those dogs just came in and cleared up the whole thing. This is a whole NEW building and a WHOLE NEW COOL place to live. I was just there in that VINTAGE lobby, WOW. Ohh yea, their studio even have granite counter tops, nice. Chill place to live...

March - June 2011

Several apartments are infested.

March - June 2011

Several apartments are infested.

Beware! Beware of this building and apartment 309! Bed bugs spread very easily from apt to apt and especially in an old decrepit building like this with openings everywhere.

Had a horrible bed bug infestation in this apartment while I was subletting it this past summer - 2009. Was bitten the first night I was there, which continued the month I was there until I left. I didn't know it was bed bugs until a few weeks later when someone pointed this out to me. So when I told the owner he re

fused to believe me and wouldn't give me my deposit back. On top of that, it cost me about $700-$800 to get everything properly cleaned. I had the building management come over and it was confirmed that this was a huge bed bug infestation (I had them crawling on the bed during the day which means you have thousands in the apt). The building mgmt sent over an exterminator who came in for 7 minutes and said he had to go because he "parked his car in the red." Absolutely ridiculous. Avoid this building at all costs.

DO NOT live in this unit (309) or this building. Bed Bugs SPREAD. Building management was horrible. The landlord was horrible.
Further proof was that this apt had been sublet to many people as I could tell by the fact that mail was coming for nearly 10 people while I was there.

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