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Today is Sept. 30th, we first started having our problem about 2 1/2 months ago. Initially, we weren't 100% sure that it was bed bugs, but after further research, we realized that it was indeed bed bugs. Since then, we've had three chemical treatments and none have worked. The problem decreased a little bit after each treatment, but did not fully go away. Now, to make things even more difficult, we have new management and a new pest control company who aren't convinced that it is bed bugs and ar

e too lazy to check the record that the last management company kept. So, because we can't find any actual bugs (even though we already found some and showed them to the old companies) they refuse to treat for bed bugs, all they've done thus far is a general spray. I would be more detailed about my experience, but I'm in the middle of steaming and spraying my furniture and you can get the gist of it from the past reports. So, yeah, DON'T MOVE HERE!!!!

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Woke up at 6am on 9/29/2012 with bites on my neck.Searched my bed and found a bed bug full of my blood.I have already received a heat treatment,been sprayed and a dog has been in here twice.I actually have a piece of paper from IPM tech saying I have zero bugs!! Im guessing they are from other units.Unit 105 is so bad that i have witnessed 2 heat treatments,a new wood floor,a new bathroom and a guy in a white hazmat suit all in that unit.This place is disgusting!


I found big and small bed bugs all over my bed last night. I didn't see any bugs for months, but I know for a fact they have been in my apartment since April.

I now have to figure out some way I can afford to move out and pay to break my lease, throw away a large majority of my clothes and furniture, and deal with the leasing office to get them to come exterminate the building.

Not only will is this cost me money and time, but I am humiliated, embarrassed, and disgusted.

If anyone else is having these problems PLEASE document your experience! Take pictures, record dates, photocopy any bills you have paid for hotels you have had to stay in, bug spray costs, or doctors visits.

Email all your encounters to [email protected]

I can't do this on my own and action must be taken on this reoccurring problem!

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moved out of this disgusting apt recently. my apt was treated twice for bed bugs, and i was still bit here and there over the next 6 months, but nothing serious. one night i got bit so bad that i immediately went into the management office the next day and asked them to treat my apt. she first tried to say that they would spray and i told her that i did NOT want that again, and that they needed to do the heat treatment (this is the only treatment that works). she said ok, and that she would

call me with the treatment date. THREE WEEKS passed and i heard nothing, so i called her again. she lied and said that nothing happened because of "the holidays" (in actuality, she completely forgot or just didnt care). so i told her to give me a date as soon as possible, since i was bit AGAIN while waiting those 3 weeks. she called me the next day and gave me a date, but the date was the same day as my boyfriends moms funeral, and i told her this, and asked for a new date. she said she would call me back to give me the date, AND NEVER DID. i moved out 2 weeks later. this is an absolutely disgusting apt building. graffitti in the elevator, beer bottles smashed in the lobby, liquor bottle left on the stairwell, people smoking weed on the staircases, loud arguments in the hallways, etc etc. i could go on and on...and of course, disgusting bed bugs. DONT MOVE HERE.

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Do not move here. Ive lived here for 3 years. Lucky I have no bed bugs, but ive seen so many people suffer due to this problem. The management co. is trying to past utilities as rent with no billing system. This is a scam. There are lawsuits pending as we speak. Do not move here. This is an awful, dirty place to live. Im moving asap and I also have a law suit pending.

Do not move here. Ive lived here for 3 years. Lucky I have no bed bugs, but ive seen so many people suffer due to this problem. The management co. is trying to past utilities as rent with no billing system. This is a scam. There are lawsuits pending as we speak. Do not move here. This is an awful, dirty place to live. Im moving asap and I also have a law suit pending.

Hey Pete, I am confused. You say there is no issue with bed bugs but you do not live here, how can you be sure?

Every floor has bed bugs. Report it and coordinate with your neighbors! Only heat will work, period! The management is suppose to check all the units around, and you will never catch them in day, very smart bugs and devestating on body and cost! You have to demand this, this company does not care or tell the truth, I am fighting for bed bug legislation to have this improved in the future. They do not treat each tenant the same! JB Property Management can not keep maint., they do not know how t

o clean and do not shampoo or vacumme your hallways after or before any treatment. Do not move in this building! The utility billing is illegal also, as an example of how they rip the tenants off. You will have to fight for compensation and respect. Do not think that they will just do this because it is their job! They live in the fear of greed! I put out the community newsletter once a month any reports or problems, drop me a note. I am not afraid to put my unit down or my name, if others did that too maybe more can be done. I encourage you to help yourself rid your unit of this devastating problem. Norma Unit 204.

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This complex has the worst case of bedbugs. Heat treatment is used in one apartment but neighboring tenants are not informed of the situation till the bugs are in their apartments. Then you need to prove that the bugs are in your apartment prior to service being provided. Everything is based of the $$$$$$$$. It is very interesting that the showcase apartments, where the main office is located, does not seem to have 1/2 the problems the 835 S. Oxford has. I wonder why? Along with a broken elevato

r, dirty stinking hall ways, dirty stinking people, transients, police raids and to cap it all an incompetent management company that is power and money hungry, what else could go wrong??????? They just don’t care about the humans who live in this complex…………………….Just worried about collecting the rent on the first of every month. If you pay the rent on the 2nd there is a big ass notice on your door to either pay of vacates the premises.
Can’t wait to move out……………………..
Looking hard and fast.

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I've had a different experience with management than most of the posters here.

When I first heard about the bedbug problem I freaked out. I had just signed the lease and was traveling to New York where the landlords won't let you stay if there is even a mention of bedbugs.

Well when I came in and talked to Idena about the problem she was totally forthcoming. She said yes, tenants in the past have had bedbug problems but as of now there was only one open complaint. She said the buildin

g regularly gives tenants the option to spray if they have any concerns. The exterminator even comes in for a follow-up spray after 2 weeks just to make sure. And if the spraying doesn't work, they can also do a heart treatment which is supposed to be the most effective way to get the place clean. Management picks up 100% of all these costs.

Still I told her that I couldn't move in because of my trip, and they were totally understanding. I was prepared to lose my deposit, but they canceled the lease without damage to my credit and fully refunded my security deposit without even having to be asked. I don't know another company that would do that.

So I was left feeling like the building has the situation under control. Any infestations were being immediately treated and preventative measures are regularly in place. Bed bugs are a problem in a lot of the most beautiful apartments in LA, and at least this management is actively making sure that their place gets clean. If bed bugs absolutely terrify you then stay away, otherwise know that at least this management will help you get rid of them and pay for your cleaning. When my current lease expires in a year I will definitely be looking back here for an apartment.

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They are every where, but of course i brought them with me? ya ok mrs red head.

the only way bed bugs are leaving this building is if the entire building gets bombed.

I bomb and i sleep good for a week but the ppl to the left and right of me wont. they bomb and the bugs are back. it is an agreed apun cycle and next week is my week to sleep!

It is an infestation though so you can move out with out breaking your lease.

There is also a list of other code violations on this building t

hat will allow you to move. I already had the city look @ my place.

I have seen a different bed outside on this block every other day for the last 2 weeks.

DO NOT MOVE HERE, management sucks, some foreigner that does not know how to multi task and will ignore you.

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Three months later, lost money, energy and time and still bed bugs. Management is hostile, hates when tenants try to coordinate and educate. Fumigations are not working and now a heat treatment scheduled with no reimbursement to tenants. Terrible. JB Property management has several buildings all with problems. Do not rent, we have too many units affected and bad management for any type of IPM program. LAHD AND PUBLIC HEALTH HAVE TO CATCH THEM IN THE ACT. If you catch one and show it to th

em they think you just bought it from downtown LA. This is going to be a big problem in LA, I'm trying to get bed bug legislation like New Jersey, write your assemblyman.

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I've had a mixed experience. Bed bugs infested my bed and chair near entrance door to apartment. Management had a company spray, they did not warn my immediate neighbors of fumigation across the hall or next to me. They did not treat the hallway carpet, vacuum before or after the spraying. I lost my furniture, tons of wash with no elevator working and management wants to blame the problem on tenants not communicating the problem. They knew that the mattress and chair were going to be taken

down the hall, down stairs out to the trash and they never cleaned up the hallway. No wonder the bugs travel around. It takes all of us to try and solve this problem, telling lies, not helping tenants to help themselves, not helping the public areas with anytype of "plan" is not going to solve this problem. I am out hundreds of dollars, time, bites and uneducated management! I will be following up with this matter, chemicals being used without telling others and no follow-up or maintenance plan will make us all sick.

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ive only lived here 2 weeks and my daughter is covered in a rash. i saw the bed bug report a week prior to moving in, but i had already given my deposit and signed a lease and prayed we wouldnt have any. now ive noticed a rash all over her legs and she says it itches. plan on calling the office monday to let them know and tell them they need to do something immediately. this is ridiculous!

There are many apartments here that have bedbugs. Management does a very poor job, and seems to be ignoring the problem or at least shows no real concern for its tenants well being. Both my and upstairs neighbor have had multiple straying , but they always return within 2 weeks. Management does not inform me after the spraying occurred, so there is no way knowing when it is safe to enter, also they have not followed up to see if the bugs went away. If you look down Oxford street you see furnitur

e out for trash for a reason. Plan to move out the neighborhood as I can.

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this place is horrible full of roaches and bus bugs. DO NOT MOVE HERE

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