745 S Normandie Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90005-2202

Found 3 reports:

Absolute nightmare. I've never seen so many roaches in my entire life, and I've lived in Hawaii and Texas. BUGS, BUGS, BUGS!!! Suddenly found myself covered in bed bug bites as well after two weeks! Judging from some of the open doors I saw in the hallways, it's pretty obvious where they come from! Management does not care, no solution offered, had to ditch ALL my bedding, and moved out well before lease was up and pawned it off on unsuspecting subletter. DISGUSTING BUILDING!!

I just moved into until 107 on this building and have been experiencing bits all over my body for over two weeks. I asked them to come and spray earlier in the month and this wasnt taken care of. Now the extermination and spray date continues to be put off repeatedly. I have a confirmed report of bedbug and german cockroach activity in the apartment. This place is terrible.

All the building is infested with bedbugs. This is horrible. The managment hasn't done anything. They dón't care about it. If you want to live with scars so you must live here.

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