756 S Normandie Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90005-2201

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#103 and roaches in 108 since move in oct 2012
never move in this dump

#103 and roaches in 108 since move in oct 2012
never move in this dump

#103 and roaches in 108 since move in oct 2012
never move in this dump

okay so i was literally about to SIGN the lease today and at that very moment my gramma text me and said this building is on bedbug reports. i hadnt read these reports for myself yet so i still decided to go up and walk thru and possibly move in today. i was so mad because i thought the studio on the third floor, room 302, was so cute and perfect for me! apparently theres a new manager named christy. shes reallly nice and she admitted theres two studios that have bedbugs when i asked. she said m

ine wouldnt but i noticed that hardly anyone lives there anymore it was so quiet..and i started putting it all together. several of the studios have been vacant for months. so then i checked the vanity drawers in the place and there were several dead bed bugs in each drawer...theres about 6 or 7 drawers and also bugs INSIDE the lightbulbs! but i showed my mom..she wad really upset, mentioned it right away, and the new manager looked nervous.. she did swear shed have it fumigated. but as she was trying to reassure my mom, i had my gramma send me the link to this site and i was reading this page on my phone...after reading some of these horror stories, im so happy i found them in time!! so i didnt sign the lease and we left..but what is really curious AND shady is that christy the manager wanted me to sign all the papers FIRST. before getting to inspect the place from head to toe. dont waste your time and twenty bucks on a credit check!!

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My name is Anthony Jones, and I like to report bed bugs in my apartment.

756 S. Normandie Avenue Apt 302
Los Angeles, CA. 90005

I moved into this apartment on October 24, 2011., and on the day I inspected the apartment, I notice that there were some bugs on the counter near the bathroom. I did not know what kind of bugs they were at the time. I immediately contacted the Management Office at 832 S. Oxford Street., Los Angeles, CA. 90292. The Management had someone to go inspect the apartme

nt for bugs, However, they did not do a good job, because I found 6 bed bugs in my apartment after they supposedly had already sprayed for the bugs. One bed bug was walking across my Computer desk, 2 were walking on my air mattress, I was using the bathroom doing Number 2, and there were 2 bed bugs walking across the bathroom floor, and 1 were walking on my kitchen counter. I had to wash all my clothes and Linen. I had a friend visiting me recently and he has bite marks all over his body, and I got pictures to prove it. I have all the bed bugs in a plastic Zip bag and the bugs are still living. This is some BULLSHIT!!!!I am moving out at the end of this month, because the Management is very slow about handeling this situation. Everyone please make sure the apartment building that you are about to move in is Bed bug free.

Please note: Some tenants just moved out of Apt 105 because of bed bugs. The Manager wanted to move me to Apt 105, and I said no. The Manager also offered to move me to another building located at 832 Oxford Street., Los Angeles, CA. That apartment building is also infested with bed bugs.

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Important News
RE: 756 S. Normandie.

You should definetely contact our office we have important news that you should know about. Our office will give you detailed information about the things that are happening in your building. Please Contact the bed bug lawyer at 855-4buglaw and you can also check us out online at www.mybedbuglawyer.com.

Thank you and sorry to hear what you are going through.



There has been an abandoned mattress by the back door of the apt building for about a week to two weeks now. I was taking my trash out and noticed for the first time that the mattress is invested with bed bugs, I actually saw them crawling around the surface of the mattress! I can't believe it! The fact that someone would even leave that thing there, where the bed bugs are welcome to just crawl back into the carpeted building! I took a shower and washed my clothes right away! This

building has no on site manager, so who is taking care of these things?!

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I moved in to this hell hole in March. They didn't clean my apartment properly upon moving in. I was sick for the first 2 months and had no idea why until I found BLACK MOLD on my top shelving unit. I got bed bugs in May undoubtedly from the surrounding apartments who had infestations that management was keeping quiet about. I complained immediately when I realized that i had bed bugs. The witch management responded with a series of rude emails, and then weeks later treated mine but didnt treat

anyone elses so I got them again. I had to throw out all my furniture. I've been sleeping on an air mattress for fear of bringing new furniture into this place. I still have bed bugs. Management is RUDE and does not care about fixing the problem at all. I withheld rent this month until they fixed the problem. They heat treated again this past Monday and when i came back to my apartment i caught a bed bug walking across my table. my boyfriend and i have been EATEN ALIVE by bed bugs for the past 2 days (well actually..4 months) because the treatment was uneffective. managements response? That I dont have bed bugs, and they are evicting me tomorrow. DO NOT MOVE IN TO THIS PLACE. When you have problems they do not even respond to phone calls or emails. They are THE WORST management in all of LA. Beware of Oxford Apartment Properties in general because they own several places in Koreatown. Absolutely Despicable. I hope that in light of this complaint I can save people from moving in to a HORRENDOUS situation.

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I'm SO mad to see another report from someone else today!! I asked when I moved in here (not even two weeks ago) if they had any problems with bed bugs and management swore they didnt.

I haven't even been here two weeks yet and have bites all over me and after inspecting my bed found a few of the bugs. I'm SOOOOOO mad!!!! I JUST MOVED HERE AND NOW HAVE TO MOVE AGAIN?!!? Along with leaving behind the bed/love seat that I jsut spend $300 on!!! Worst experience ever :(

I moved in there at the end of July. I lasted there 11 days. I had a ridiculous number of bites all over my body. I took pictures. I had a total of 2 heat treatments and one chemical treatment...they laughed at that. I was dinner. I had to put my things in storage and stay at a friend's house. I had to leave my bed set and all my wooden furniture for fear of transfering the bedbugs to my next home. This was a horrible, horrible experience!!! At the end, the management denied there were bedbugs a


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I recently moved into this building (2009). I started getting these strange bites (breakfast, lunch, dinner). It wasn't until I literally found one on the wall I was leaning against did I realize it was a bed bug. I scoured my sheets and found another! I slept in the bathtub for 2 weeks, which was horrible! However, I never got bitten in the bath-tub probably because the glossy finish and my heat did not expose itself outside of it.

I've never had this problem before so I assume that these pe

sts were existing in this apartment complex before I moved in.

I swear that they must've come from my neighbors because, honestly, they are really messy people. I know bed bugs are not a measure of cleanliness because they can exist in either case, but they bring so many people inside this building. I don't want to sound racist either, but they are all the ghetto hispanic type that are probably bringing some international guests over.

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