738 S New Hampshire Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90005-1830

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Dear current, previous, and future residents of 738 S New Hampshire:

We purchased the building earlier this year and we agreed: there was certainly a pest problem. Upon close of escrow, we hired licensed pest control contractors to aggressively attack the issue and we are pleased to receive confirmation that all pests have been treated and controlled. Additionally, we have routine, monthly, service contracts in place to ensure that there are no future problems.

Furthermore, we have upgr

aded the common areas and apartments to meet the high standards of today's professional residents. If you have not stopped by 738 South New Hampshire in awhile, we encourage you to come by for a tour with one of our management staff.

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DO NOT LET THEM FOOL YOU into moving in. I rented a place for a month after numerous requests to fumigate, unfruitfully I may add. This place is unsanitary in every sense rats, all kinds of roaches, bed bugs, u name it. Elevator broke twice in one month. When showing me the apartment i found it strange there were no lightbulbs so it was dark when seeing it but reluctantly I had no other places at the time to look so i moved in. The lightbulb in my head went off as to why they did th

at. First week im going through my kitchen shelves at night and i hear wierd noise i turned light on and a couple thousand roaches went scattering everywhere. Its disgusting. A health hazard by far, and the owners are scumbags. Or um slum lords.

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My family moved in on the third floor in March of 2010. Within 2 months my granddaughter was getting little red itchy bumps all over her arms and legs. We thought it was a rash at first, until this website. And when my daughter came in September, she slept in the living room and became covered with over 60 bites within a week. We told the landlords (we had 3, because they kept leaving) many times, and even called The Health Department, but out apartment was only sprayed once. We moved out in Feb

ruary of 2011.

There are roaches too. A lot of them.

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bed bugs
all the time

Moved out of building in March '09. Found bedbugs starting to crawl around my apt a few months earlier. Caught one trying to suck on my temple as I woke up! Got rid of my bed just in case.

The walls are exposed brick, but NEVER treated so anything can live in them! Gaps in the wood floor and in the halls too!


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