716 S Berendo St
Los Angeles, CA 90005-1601

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Finally clean and really nice Lobby and great units. Nice job boys!

Wow! These guys really did....but finally in a good way! Tehy finally cleaned it up. They took these special dogs that smell-out bed bugs and they got rid of this problem once and for all. Yo, these dogs were crazy trained dogs that new what they were doing. Anyway, once the dogs located the bed bug units, the new management team just went and cleared out the whole problem. So now we just get the enjoy!!!!!! Ohh yea, the new management even started fixing up the whole building, IE NEW CHANDELEER


see full report...

yep you got it ....bed bugs here and cockroaches everywhere

Really worried this may not be the place for me!!! OMG is this place infested or what!!!!

For the past 2 weeks, there have been many bed bug issues in this building. Management has not done their job effectively to exterminate them.

yes I have just found some bed bugs in my apt

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