994 Hecate St
Nanaimo, BC V9R

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We at 994 Hecate Street have actively been using a pest control company 2 to 3 times a week since the first Bed Bug sighting. Attached is the report from Work Safe BC.
Regulation Referenced:(OHS5.2.(c))
Officer visited work site and met with Manager Mel Pettit and Pest Management Consultant Michal Benker to review procedures in place to
address an outbreak of bed bugs at this residential facility. The employer
has retained Michal Benker of Harbour View Pest Management to co-ordinate
a pes

t management program to deal with the infestation. Unfortunately, due
to the nature of the pest, the nature of the facility ( i.e. a residential
facility ) and the limited number of approved options available to deal
with the pest it is going to take time to eradicate the pest. Officer will
be meeting with health care workers who provide services to residents of
this facility to review concerns and to review the control program that is
in place.

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As a family member of one of the residents at Hecate, I have the sickening first hand knowledge of the goings on there. It has been over a year of infestation and disgust, not only are they over run with bed bugs but the owner has the gull to increase the rent while this is going on, so we are basiclly paying more money for said family member to sit and itch in the corner while we are scared to visit. The option of moving out would mean losing our home (or else we would have moved him out alread

y) I am saddened by the lack of care and disregard of this woman who sit's in her huge pricey home and counts our familys money with a cheshire grin on her face, may her home be over run bed bugs and every night be a horror movie, fair is fair!

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This is a retirement home for seniors. It has been over-run with bed bugs for months and nothing is being done about it. The health and safety of our seniors is at risk here. I am not going to mention any names in this report as someone close to me works here and their job could be at risk. However, the seniors who are paying to live here deserve to live in cleanliness without having to worry about these pests. The woner of the building is fully aware of the bed bugs yet refuses to take responsi

bility and have the place properly fumigated. Hopefully this will be reported to the right people and the problem dealt with. This woman's complete lack of care and repsect for the elderly folk living in her building sickens and disgusts me! Is this how we treat our elderly members of society? And is this what we have to look forward to as we get older too?! I sure hope not. Thank you

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