70 Church St
Nanaimo, BC V9R

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I regularly stay at this hotel for business. At least once a month if not more. I have never had a problem. I find the staff very friendly. The rooms are always clean. No complaints here.

I stayed in this hotel back in october of 2007. I was given a recently renovated room on the ground floor. When I returned home the next day, I noticed several red bites on my arms, neck and face. I called the doctor and they immediately knew what it was. I was given some anti histamines as well some cream with cortisone to treat the 20 something bites.

When I called the hotel, I was surprised at their reaction. I was a guest on a thursday so I called on a friday and didn't hear back from the

either the Front Office Manager, Housekeeper or the General Manager by the following tuesday. When I did finally get the manager on the phone, he was very indifferent and only agreed to refund my room after he had the room inspected. No apology was offered. I wonder how many others stayed in that room after I did.

I have not recommended this hotel instead referring my colleagues to stay at the nearby Coast Hotel.

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