501 6th St
Nanaimo, BC V9R

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These sets of apartments also have a problem with silverfish because the building frame is made if wood and slowly rotting due to moisture and leaks, attracting the bugs. Several insecticide sprays have not remided the issue as their food supply is still readily avaiable. I'm currently moving out because the problem is becoming wide-spread. I am also not getting compensated for rent even though I refuse to live there during my move. Please don't live there. There is also mould.

September 24, 2008

81-501 Sixth Street

Found that I had a bad infestation of Bed Bugs after living in an apartment at Willowgrove for nearly 7 months. I tried to remedy the bugs myself, but later contacted the landlord with the problem. They fumigated, and later tried to collect from me. I refused to pay the bill, which they did pay. I got my house fumigated 6 times! I was living on friends couches and was refused rent compensation from the landlord. The bed bugs have still not been

remedied completely.

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