153 Wakesiah Ave
Nanaimo, BC V9R

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May 18, 2012 - I'm living a nightmare. We got sprayed for the bugs two months ago (the three sprays 10 days apart). I was laying on my couch two days ago, and when I got up one crawled out from underneath my pillow. I was able to catch it in a baggie and ran down to management with it. They booked me an appointment with the pest control people for the next morning, gave me a letter about it dated three days before, and told me to go home and get my home ready to be sprayed. 17 hours for mys

elf, my hubby and our three kids to get my home ready? Unacceptable!!!

We've now thrown out our second living room set (this last one was passed down from a now deceased relative) and are sitting on the floor because the pest control guy told me it would be suggested to just get lawn chairs until it's all over. We are desperately looking to move out of here, but I'm worried. How do I know I won't be bringing them with me?

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This building (Tudor Gardens)still has a problem and management is not following the recommended steps to get rid of the problem, but instead putting a band-aid on the problem.

anyone with bedbugs prior to July 2011 at this location or after July 18th, 2011 at this location, please contacat karab058@hotmail.com.


My roomate and her 2 year old son have been getting bites for 3 months now and have reported to landloard many times and have gotten no reesults. They had orkin come in and look quickly, but would not spray until we found bugs. We have found numerous bedbugs and the little boy is covered head to toe in bites. We had the place sprayed for silverfish about a year ago and they keep returning. This place is infested and the landloard is talking all she can talk to not do a thing about it.

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