779 Esquimalt Rd
Victoria, BC V9A

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Hello. I am trying to actually report a bedbug infestation for 801 Esquimalt Road, but for some reason am unable to do so!
We moved in about 5 months ago, and last month I noticed some bites on various parts of my body, only when I woke up the next morning from a nights sleep. It was about two whole months before that that I noticed some sort of bug I had never seen before about the size of an apple seed fall from the ceiling and tried to squish it but failed. So I kind of put two and two toge

ther and called the manager. I asked if there were any problems with vermin in the building, and she denied it at first, but when I told her I had bites she admitted to NINE suites on our floor having been treated for bedbugs in the past. when the exterminator came to check out our place, he couldn't find ANYTHING to legally fumigate us for..then as SOON as he left I was looking at my bedskirt and I saw a little bug and captured it in a tupperwear container. We called him back and sure enough it was a "nymph" bedbug. We got our apartment, the one above us, and beside us treated twice. I have not noticed anything after that. But then again, I have found a 'molt' of an adult bedbug lying next to my window in the living room (that was not there previously). I feel as though they are still lurking around...and even if they are gone from our suite, I feel if we don't move soon they will be back. They should fumigate entire buildings, in my opinion, not just individual suites.

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