55 Bay St
Victoria, BC V9A

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I have been in the building for a year and a half and never had a problem the last reports were long time ago so if there was there isnt anymore there is even a sign up on the board not to bring in furniture dumped near the dumpster to prevent this problem

I have lived at this location for two years now and have never had a problem with bedbugs or any other types of pests at all and we leave our balcony door open in the summer!

I also have never heard any talk about bedbugs from neighbours.

In my opinion, the building is fine. :)

Are there still bedbugs associated with this building?

I moved in this apartment in July 2011.
I don't have any bedbugs in my unit.
I've been asking and talking about bedbugs with another tenants in this building, so far I haven't met anyone who has bedgugs. I heard that some units had bedbugs before but they were all killed in Summer.

People from this buiilding are selling furniture......dont buy it..........clearly

today June 25, 2011, I have been experiencing multiple bug bites which occur at night. Found a small bug which appeared to look like a bedbug on my mattress a couple of weeks ago and contacted the manager for this building. I have never ever experienced this before so i did not think to capture the bug. It took awhile before i was able to finally talk to her. Once i had spoken to her regarding the experiences and the bites she tried to say they were most likely spider bites but get an extermin

ator to come have a look anyways. A few days later the exterminator looked around the bedroom and did not find anything but had set up traps throughout our room and some parts of the living room (currently where i have been sleeping due to getting bitten in the bedroom every time). Nothing appeared in those traps for a couple of days, so i decided to set everything back up into the bedroom. That night i woke up once again with bites all over me. 3 on my knuckles, 1 on my back and 2 on the back my knee. My boyfriend later found one bug on me later that night when i was reading. We captured it and now when I contacted the manager she has not shown up for the appointment we had arranged. It feels as if she is neglecting this issue. previous to this i had noticed many tenants leaving and rooms cleared in other apartment rooms.

see full report...

everywhere in the whole building!..everyone ive spoken with has had them!


Moved in, got bedbugs first month. LOTS. Cleaned the room and everything myself. Sketchy building.

Jan 2010
A friend of mine has bedbugs in this building.

my girlfriend and i moved into this building, and started noticing bites on us, lived there for 2 months and at one point counted over 50 bites all over my body. other residents have made the same complaints, the people below us had many samples -medicine jars to be exact - full of these wonderful little cratures. don't move into this s**thole if you can avoid it.

I was fine the May 22/09 May 23/2009 saw some mark on me about 7 of them there was no pain .I went to the walk in on 27/2009 at 130-180 wilson st victoria bc the Dr. say they look like bed bug.

A Dumster diver moved into an apartment and we now have bedbugs.

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