531 W Bay Ter
Esquimalt, BC V9A

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July 2012 started getting bitten not quite understanding what was going on. After about a month we had learned our next door neighbor was sprayed in early July and the landlord never notified the neighboring units. Of course the bugs spread throughout our floor and most likely lower levels.

Continuous problem througout the remainder of the year as it was poorly dealt with by management. Spraying one unit at a time rather and the bugs just running away from gasses.

Had a final spray at Ch

ristmas time for the entire wing of the building for all 4 floors(cause that's what you need at that time of year) and a full building inspection was finally done about 1-2 months afterwards. So far no more on the west wing of this building.

Seems to be a continous problem in the building.

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I live in a multi-unit apartment building. My friend had bedbugs in his unit on the far side of the very large apartment building from me about two months ago. Management was notified and the exterminator was called in to his deal with his unit.

I was constantly checking my bed and unit for bedbugs since then, but had not seen any until
I woke up 4:00 am December 14, 2010 to biting bedbugs. Killed two immediately. Found more while checking mattress. Exterminator was called and confirm

ed bedbugs.

Obviously a problem in this building.

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