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hi im looking for an old friend who lives in the chelsea appartments,victoria bc randy baird if ur still residing there email us, mcloving02@live.com thanks

TO: Publishers of this website:If you DO NOT delete my name from last posting will
be notifying my lawyer!!! What happened to 'ANONYMOUS' or=WILL NOT SHOW YOUR NAME TO ALL VIEWERS OF THIS WEBSITE!!!!!!Thank you.
**ESPECIALLY WHEN no names mentioned re:
landlords etc!!!

Would you please OMIT my SUITE NUMBER /NAME/ on previous report for # 801-865 View Street!!!!! Thought this was like 'anonymous'!!

So far, bugs taken to Pest Control are Carpet Beetles, almost as bad, but not covered by landlord.

**for YOUR EYES ONLY = Can't remember if used C. Mimms or mommsy for name,
too psyched out at the time reported.
thank you, please REMOVE REPORT.
c. mimms

regarding previous report sent in= please take it out and i will redo now that not having nervous breakdown about it. thank you.

Have resided at 865(#801)View Street for 5 years. NEVERhad BITES consistently until June/08, or thought bedbugs until Jan.13/09= 5 bites in straight line on THROAT, 1 line of 3 bites each side where shoulder/arm join. *If curled up on side sleeping would ALL be in same area. Previous to this episode= over June/08-Dec/08=3 dozen bites, grouped in lines of 3-6 at separate times, on arm/rear shoulder/leg/hands,wrist/fingers/NOSE/etc.
Worst ones=JUNE/July: Reactine 20 mg/daily until gone. Sept: sen

t to ER for IV treatment antibiotics 3-4 days,then oral 2000 mg/daily/10 days.,Jan 13/09= antibiotics/1500 mg day/7 days=scars still on. all said"skin infection" from bites.
The BEST part is that CONTRARY to ALL 37 websites including Public Health= the Building Manager, when informed TODAY said"will get pest control over, NO SPECIAL stuff done, and BLAMED MY BELONGINGS FOR HAVING BUGS!!!' AND, my tenant's Insurance DOESN'T cover INSECTS and won't go after Management OR previous PEST CONTROL AGENCY for IMPROPER PROCEDURE!!! In Decmeber/08 I finally had to get on ladder to stuff/tape shut Rangehood openings cut into ceiling/wall.
There are open switch covers.i covered with plastic.
Which means I lose nearly ALL belongings.
I would like to know if PUBLIC building areas= LAUNDRY,garbage chute rooms(locked in summer, but NOT steam-cleaned),HALLWAYS,LOBBY, ELEVATORS, LOCKER ROOM(which is where cast-aways are stored)exterior garbage dumpster room, firestairs(young people use them to visit floor to floor) have been treated AT ALL PREVIOUSLY?
Who do I get help from? 12 story building.
Thank you.

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April 2008. 8th floor of the Chelsea apartment. I had many bites over the last week (to be grammatically correct, the bed bugs had many bites on me!) Sighted and squashed one, but couldn't find any more despite having turn mattresses and bed upside down.

The manager revealed that others in the building have the same problem, including one on the same floor as me.

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