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My neighbour, two doors down the hall, has a bedbug infestation. Tonight I saw her daughter moving her mom's bed and other furniture from the apartment. I asked if she was moving. The daughter said 'no, that they are cleaning for bedbugs'. Her mom, a senior found bedbugs on her chest where she had an incision from very recent heart surgery. Her mom has been covered in bites. They showed me the dead bedbugs they have gathered. They had her mom's bed and other furniture hauled away tonight, while

mom is staying with family. The landlord will only pay to spray the apartment. The family is paying a huge amount for further cleaning of other furniture and replacement of the bed, etc. The daughter advised me that the head custodian told her there have been bedbug problems here for years. He also advised her that there are 4 apartments affected on the second floor. We are on the first.

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