759 Yates St
Victoria, BC V8W

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My girlfriend and I stayed here (Dalton Hotel & Suites) when we went to visit Victoria. This was around the end of August and beginning of september.

After our first night my girlfriend had a few bites on her arm. We thought it was nothing. Maybe it was just a mosquito bite. The following night more bites appeared & we weren't sure if it was an allergic reaction to something.

The next morning we physically found 2 bed bugs. One crawling on the shower curtain and one on the floor. We showed

this to housekeeping & it was brought to the attention of the hotel manager.

The pillow cases had black spots (signs of bed bug feces/blood).

The hotel only refunded 2 nights worth of our money back for the 3 nights we stayed. The manager told us that he'd email us to see what the insect inspector says about the situation. He said he could not refund the third night we paid for until he heard back from the pest control company.

He later emailed me saying that there were bed bugs present in the room (of course there was!) but it was 'inconclusive' as to whether we brought it in or if it was a previous guest.

He said that he would refund our last night stay IF we sign confidentiality forms. I wrote a review on trip advisor.com because I wanted to warn other travellers. He saw the review and said that it is "most unfortunate" that I wrote the review, but he respects my decision & WON'T be refunding my money.

I'm really upset with how they handled the situation. We should have been refunded all our money after that horrible experience.

My girlfriend is now traumatized because of what happened at that hotel.

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