721 Government St
Victoria, BC V8W

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I stayed at the Empress Hotel in Victoria January 19 and the next afternoon noticed many itchy small bites all over my feet and lower legs. I reported this upon checkout and the manager promised to look into it and follow up with me. I did receive a phone call January 25 to inform me that they had inspected the room themselves and had a well known pest control company come in to check as well and found no signs of bed bugs or anything else. Be that as it may, I did not have these bites upon che

ck in and I have not had any more appear after checking out. They fit the pattern for bed bug bites tending to be in small groups or linear (breakfast, lunch, dinner!) and they are THE ITCHIEST bites I have ever experienced and do not seem to be getting better very fast. I am sure the hotel did not see anything upon inspection of the room but as far as I am concerned they must have missed something because these bites are definitely not my imagination.

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