710 Fort St
Victoria, BC V8W

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For a number of years now the landlord Ken Cooper takes care of the bed bugs for each persons room ( as best as he can and he dosent delay.)He tries to make sure the place is well sprayed on a regular basis. It's not just in the Ritz Hotel in Victoria B.C. it's in some fancy hotels some businesses and some apartments around the world too. Where I live I don't have to worry about that problem. Hopefully there will be a new stronger solution for this problem one day.

I am the manager of the Ritz, i have been here since 1999, bedbugs are a problem for sure, but after dealing with them for years now, i find that with mutual cooperation between tenants, management and the pest control company we have on contract here there easy to get rid of.The problem is mostly tenants who will not get there rooms ready for proper treatment.The Ritz will have a bedbug issue for ever i believe or at least till they come up with a better treatment for them.I can promise that no

body who moves into the Ritz moves into a room that has bedbugs, every room is treated for bedbug after a tenant moves out, Weather we see them our not.
It is difficult to work with this issue because we have rooms with out bedbugs but we will see a tenant bring in furniture that has them, and then they expect us to treat the problem. Even though they brought the bedbugs here.I can guarantee that no tenant at the Ritz has any bedbug cockroach etc issues if they keep there room 100% clean and have no clutter, you may find 1 maybe 2 during your weekly look for them but that does not make an infestation.The rooms here that have had issues with them are the filthy dirty rooms that are hard to treat properly.And the rooms that tenants refuse to clean up and downsize there clutter.Anyways like i said Bedbugs are easy to deal with if the tenants help, Bedbugs are nobodys fault, not the tenants and not the landlords, they become the tenants fault when they refuse to get the rooms ready for treatment.

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Jan 1st 2013
The ritz bedbug proplem is limited to the tenants in the rooms who will not help deal with them.Bed bugs are easy to get rid of if the tenants let the managment know they have them right away.The staff at the ritz do every thing in there power to help get rid of them and they have the best pest control company iv victotia on contract to deal with any pest control proplems...It is the tenants who will not help not the proplem of the hotel itselfs...

The management at this address does what they can to combat the bedbug infestation and sprays rooms upon being vacated. They should be applauded for keeping the building clean and well-maintained. The problem, though, is that many other tenants won't contribute time, money or effort in helping to eradicate the problem - and quite often move... moving their bedbugs with them and spreading the problem elsewhere.

Saw a notice in the elevator asking tenants with complaints about bedbugs to see the desk to arrange spraying insecticide. Which is awesome...

Ritz Hotel: This place is infested with bed bugs (and has been for a long time as many other rooms are also infested) - and the building managers just don't seem to care. My complaint brought about one (1) crack-and-crevasse treatment - only one treatment. I did not know that I had bed bugs in my room and spread them when visiting relatives... which is terrible. I, at one time, held the building mangers in high regard and respected them - and I understand they are limited in their abilities t

o deal effectively with this problem... but they lack enthusiasm in this endeavour: I feel as if they would say to me "If you don't like it move!" Yet, even if I do move what's to say that I don't bring them with me - the only way to effectively move is to abandon my possessions and start over... and I am contemplating this seriously. In the meantime, I have purchased and spread Diatomaceous Earth under-and-behind all the room's furnishings... but, still, I'm finding bed bugs! This is so sad... other tenants don't seem to care, either.

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