1321 Broad St
Victoria, BC V8W

Found 3 reports:

Bugs from neighbours creeped into my studio and infested it. Neighbor was forced out.

Company came in and cleaned swept the place. Bugs slowly started disappearing over the next few weeks. Still set my skin on edge to see speaks of red. Watch the doors and see if they're on the edge of the entrance.

I discovered bedbugs in my unit in June of 2013. Apparently the units right next to mine had been badly infested before I even realized what my problem was. No notice was given by the management although they were obviously aware of it. Also they are refusing to treat the building entirely and I heard today , JULY 30TH, that other units nearby are still infested. I have lost my bed which was new when I moved in, endless hours of work and extra cost to prepare for exterminators and for what? T

hey, the bugs are still thriving in the building. Petty poor, looks like slum landlordism to me.

see full report...

I just discovered bedbugs today (Dec 2010) and I am totally freaking out!

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