435 Michigan St
Victoria, BC V8V

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Ninth floor bachelor. Moved in Jan (2004)and noticed them in a few months.
Tried sprays etc, nothing worked.
I moved in a year, stored my stuff in a storage locker over the summer. Moved into a new place and found them in my moving boxes.
Got rid of any cardboard boxes, changed to rubbermaid. Inspected all my stuff in the "switch" to plastic containers.
Still had them. I ended up using packing tape, twisted it so it is like a sticky tube that I put all over under my bed, on chair legs, table

legs etc. Edges of the bed frame, bases of the walls.
I also used Diatomaceous powder all over under my bed, baseboards etc. Everywhere I saw a crack.
I changed the tape often, you could see the bastards stuck in it, struggling with their fat bellies of blood.
Eventually it got less and less. I would find fewer and fewer. Even dead adults that had laid eggs in death, which hatched! The babies died on the tape there beside their mother. lol
I did find a chair that had a colony that I had overlooked but discovered and used Raid several times (outside) and then spray-painted.

No problems since. I still have a few tape strips and inspect them periodically for bugs.

I've been bedbug free for about a year now and it feels great.

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