1021 Cook St
Victoria, BC V8V

Found 2 reports:

I wanted to challenge the posting placed on the website in December, regarding 1021 Cook Street. The comment claimed there was a huge infestation at this location which was at risk of spreading throughout the building, without aid or help from landlords

At the time, Equitex Management received an update from a concerned tenant who believed her apartment had a bed bug infestation. As a professional Property Management company, we quickly hired Orkin Pest Control to determine if the concern w

as substantiated. There were no bed bugs identified on site and have been no confirmed beg bugs in the building up to this point in time.

We are aware that the situation can always change, as a dwelling can become exposed to bed bugs any time. It is in our tenant’s (as well as our own) best interest to make sure these concerns are tested and addressed immediately. Equitex will continue to respond quickly and adequately to concerns of bed bugs in the future.

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December 21, 2012. Huge infestation, no aid or help from landlords. The whole building is in high risk.

No nearby bug reports