2626 Cook St
Victoria, BC V8T

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Moved into an apartment at this address on November 28, 2014.
Woke up the next morning having been bitten by an unknown insect that caused a huge allergic reaction, with blistering, painfully swollen bites that kept reoccurring every night for the first 2 weeks.
I have never been allergic to anything before this, and it took 2 weeks to suspect it was bedbugs, because my reaction was so sever that even the emergency room doctors couldn't tell for sure when I went there, driven out of my head

with the reaction!
Each round of bites began 2 weeks of intense allergic response from start to finish of the bite cycle. Now imagine getting bit in different places every night, and each of those spots taking their own 2 weeks to heal!!!
It took 2 agonizing months to catch one single bedbug as proof, before the landlord would do anything. He acted all surprised with me, like this was news to him, yet when I spoke with others in the building, this bedbug nonsense has been going on for at least 3 years, with NO DISCLOSURE TO PROSPECTIVE NEW TENANTS!!! Had I known, I wouldn't have moved in- even if I hadn't turned out to be severely allergic... because now I'm sitting in pesticide spray residue of 3 sprayings in less than 6 months and there's still bugs.
Now all my stuff is contaminated. And, I just got bit again this last Tuesday, in my attempts to finish unpacking and moving in - after a couple months of dealing with COCKROACHES!
Grr! i don't know what my rights are here, but
I feel all my stuff is contaminated and I don't want to take anything with me when I move. I just want to burn all my things and run from here naked and screaming when my lease is up.
This whole thing has been extremely traumatic and mind-bendingly painful. I now live in fear of where did that latest bedbug disappear to that just bit me, and I can't sleep at night for a.) fear of being bitten again, and b.) having been bitten again and having to suffer the allergic response all night for nights on end- again!
I am so mad and feel so helpless and all my things are compromised for moving to somewhere else without spreading the problem further...
not much more to say... thanks for this website.

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