2425 Wark St
Victoria, BC V8T

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Another slum lord to watch out for.
Graham Smith owns/ manages a few buildings including the apartment house located directly across the street from 2425 Wark St.

I moved into building in July /07.
It wasn' t until someone left a bedbug ridden matress leaning up against the building in the parking lot the following spring did I notice the problem. I pointed this out to Graham the Slumlord, so it could be removed asap - he basically told me I didn' t know what I was talking about and then

it took several weeks for him to remove it. After my son started visiting neighbors on the main floor did I realise I had a problem. I started seeing bedbugs in my home, and when I told Graham he said it was my fault. Then he gave me a can of Raid- which was pretty nice of him since it was " my fault", therefor my responsibility... What a joke!
Any repairs needed doing took way too long if they were done at all- and whatever it was was always the tenants fault ie: lightbulbs in kitchen burning out at an unusual rate, like every 4-
6 weeks! Just goes to show his mentality.

Of course nothing got done, the problem got worse, and I ended up having to replace all my furniture and bedding.
This slumlord can't even keep his stories straight he lies so much. Watch out for this guy- he comes across very friendly and easy going, I thought he was ok - until something needed to get done, that was.

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