2111 Spring Rd
Victoria, BC V8T

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2015 may
I got bed bugs from my neighbours. I'm going to lose absolutely everything I have. The place is literally a dump. Nothing works. Floors are dirty spiders are everywhere and the laundry machine doesnt work. I'm literally going to lose everything I have because I moved into a cheap place to save money.

I lived in this place as well for quite some time... Never had a problem myself. I lived on the third floor. The "crack heads" that lived kiddie corner to me began it all. They refused to let people in to spray their apartment. It travelled from thier apt to the next one beside it -- the building manager, no less -- to the apartment beside him. They sprayed the whole building before it could get to my apartment. Heard of incidents on the first and second floors too, after the spraying. Hop

efully they have got it under control by now. Bed Bugs are a serious matter, especially if you have children!!

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moved in july 1st . june 30 was called to be informed of "mild infestation"but apartment has been sprayed and should have no worries. as of july 15 all family members are severly bitten, all of our furniture and clothes are pretty much garbage and brown bros wants 1 months rent plus 350 .00 dolarrs for breaking lease and our security deposit .
we are screwed.

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