1635 Cook St
Victoria, BC V8T

Found 3 reports:

One of our employees reported bed bugs in her 2bdr apartment. Building management also informed her there were 2 other apartments in the building that are infested. Seems like Brown Brothers really doesn't take this issue seriously since there's reports going back to 2011 on the site.

Have been living on the fourth floor for nearly a year, have never been told by the management that there was any kind of bed bug problem, that we should look for signs and take pest-proofing precautions. Now we find bugs, and a report on this website that our floor and who knows how much more of the building has a "recurring problem". This building is full of dirty junkies and hoarders, and the manager is a lazy stoner. It will probably never be dealt with properly. We're going to move, asap.

Moved in to new suite on the 4th floor of building. Found a bed bug plus blood/fece stains. Landlord stated bed bugs has been an issue for this building on numerous occasions. Doing what we can to prevent further infestation in our suite.

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