1255 Grant St
Victoria, BC V8T

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I lived there from 1996 until 2001, suits 301 and 307. We had problems then too. Please let me know if the whale I painted on the wall in 301 is still there...

I moved out last July when there were 4 suites who had bedbugs... I just ran into an old neighbour who told me that there are now 11 suites that he knows of with bedbugs... some have been sprayed, but some haven't because Mark won't spray until the tenant brings him a bug. By that point it's pretty much a lost cause. Thats why theres always matresses outside of the dumpster!

I live here as well. What apartment number is the problem at? I'm hoping I'm nowhere near it. Please respond and let me know how things go after the fumigation.

Just moved in recently and started getting unknown bites but never found any bugs or blood. Talked to super and pest control is coming to spray after finding one bug on inspection. Yuck.

Can anyone at this address please let me know how things are going with these bugs? Has the landlord managed the problem or are you all still living with it? How many apartments are now infested that you know of?

I had the same problem. The building manager ignored my complaints until I brought an engorged bug to him. This building in infested very badly and the manager and landlord are not handling the problem properly.

I was the 5th suite to have bedbugs here. I told my landlord I suspected I had them because I found big drops of blood at the foot of my bed and under my pillow,and had tons of unexplained bug bites, but at that time hadn't found an actual bug. He told me that until I found a bug and kept it in a jar for him to see, he couldn't do anything. They are spreading like wildfire at this adress because the landlord is lazy and won't fumigate the whole building, even though 6 out of 27 units have them.

False alarm. Turns out they're roaches!

May 21, 2010: Three apartments in the building have been reported as infested with bed bugs. All are on the same side of the building, and span 2 levels. There may be more that I don't know about.

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