1445 Fort St
Victoria, BC V8S

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2012 may. Any apartments in question have been aggressively treated, any suspected or reported instances are aggressively and diligently investigated. To date this building is clear and being monitored closely for any sign. I cannot speak to the history of this building but I suspect that the anger of the tenants and the lack luster of the previous treatment company (not the one that we presently use) would propagate the problem rather solve it .As you know bedbugs are extremely hard to eradicat

e in any instance (unless you can heat the whole building to the point of death in one felled swoop)to be fair the tenants safety and security is of paramount importance. Websites like this are slow to produce updated information in a timely fashion and are slanted towards the anger of the "wronged party" hopefully I have presented an even handed and updated view of this property thank you for the opportunity.

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This building has been taken over by new property managers who seem to be more aggressive in addressing the bed bug infestations which are still very much a problem. A new live in building manager took over in December but has since quit or been fired. There is now a another manager who is NOT doing a very good job of looking after this place or addressing the tenants issues or complaints. This building needs someone who can manage it responsibly, someone that will do the job properly.

January 5th 2012.

found a couple on my front door. this building is horrible for it. lady downstairs who has lived here since the dawn of time is pretty much bed bound and has bugs alll the time and she wont throw anything away leaving her cesspool bedbug ridden apartment to furthermore infest the rest of this sackhole apartment building.

Have lived in the building for 10 months and have never had a problem with bed bugs. When reported, suites were inspected and suites sprayed.

This last week (Oct. 18) I found a bed bug in our bathtub. I notified the apartment manager right away. I asked him if we could first have an inspection before he has the suite sprayed, and he said that he would just go ahead with the spray. Me and my roommate have had little to no evidence to suspect bed bugs, but they went with the spray anyways. The bed bug could have crawled up through the pipes, since this building is crawling with bed bugs. I missed work, my roommate missed school, we spen

t tons of money at the laundromat, and spent the day preparing for the spray. We heard back from the pest control company and turns out there didn't find any sort of eggs or bed bugs so we went through all that for nothing.

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Still a continuing bedbug outbreak at this apartment building, people are moving out because of it! Common sense would be to spray the entire building including the common areas such as lobby, laundry room and all of the suites. We have had to throw away our beds and other miscellaneous household items with no compensation what so ever from the property owner and or the property managers, this has become rather costly. It is also very inconvenient having to keep belongings and possessions bagged

up for months for fear of further outbreaks, it is also inconvenient having to prepare a suite for treatment, everything has to be bagged and boxed up air tight and all dressers and wooden furniture emptied and all objects have to be pulled out 6 inches from the wall. It's a constant stress factor and concern having to check beds and clothing every single day for bedbugs. Bedbugs leave red scars that never go away and they itch and become irritated when the body becomes hot, not pleasant at all! This building is not the Creme De La Creme in the first place as in dirty carpets in the common areas, dirty walls, stairways, ect. The property owners and the property management really need to step things up in this building or soon they will find themselves being unable to keep tenants for any length of time!

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We experienced a bedbug infestation in this apartment building. Pest control said they were likely there before we even moved in. We were pissed off that no one told us that the building has had previous bed bug infestations. It should be mandatory that new tenants be informed and it also should be mandatory that there is a public notice put up in the building that is visible to all tenants when bed bugs are found in suites so that we are informed and know what to look for instead of suffering f

or months with rashes and bites.

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August 29th, 2010: Bed Bugs finally found in bed after several months of dealing with skin rashes. Bed clothing was patterned - and, we did not suspect bed bugs. Building evidently has a history of bed bug infestation. This has been a problem for us sinc moving in 4 months ago. PCO seems competent. City regulations do not require landlord to report infestation to other tenants; nor, are thet required to generally report an advisement. it is not likely that we will be covered by insurance. Litiga

tion will affect our ability to move elsewhere.

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