1960 Lee Ave
Victoria, BC V8R

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I thought it was wierd when I moved in that there were absolutely no bugs. No fruit flies, no ants, no silverfish. In an older building your going to come across some, if not all of these. Finally I realized the reason was because the place had probably been fumigated prior to my moving in. They are really on top of the bed bug thing - almost to the point of being annoying and invading your privacy. My allergies and asthma went crazy in that place, I think due to the fumigation. I don't think th

e chemicals are good to breathe in.

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Landlord is a deadbeat and a bully. lied to me about bed bugs and smoking in the building.

Found one bug on two occasions about 6 months apart. My apartment has been bug-free for over 6 months now since the last treatment. Landlord is outstanding (really outstanding) in care and responsiveness, paying for all treatments (that were prompt and thorough), keeping me informed and educated about how I can help the situation, constantly bringing me new precautionary materials, and even purchasing me a bedbug-proof bedcover (min $200).

It seems that the building does have reoccurring is

sues with bedbugs, but so do MANY in Victoria, and the landlord does his utmost to carefully and quickly treat and eradicate, as he is not at all interested in maintaining a building with this issue. From what I understand, it's partly the non-responsiveness of tenants (ignoring the problem, not reporting quickly, failure to maintain a tidy suite, paranoia about allowing landlord into apartment to deal with problem) that is the obstacle to speedy resolution in most cases, and tenants too who originally brought bugs into the building.

Don't pay attn to the comment above about 'bullying tactics' - I don't know what that could possibly refer to.

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3rd floor apt, has been fumigated at least 3 times this year

third floor, landlord uses bully tactics

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