1526 Pandora Ave
Victoria, BC V8R

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i lived here for 2 months ending in june or july of 2008. apartment 3 i believe. the landlord didn\'t mention anything until the day i was moving my things in. said they had fumigated a couple of the apartments, including mine. me and my boyfriend started to get bites.

i have a cat, and i really liked the place, so i tried to believe it was fleas, started to do flea treatments. when i was taking my sheets off one day to do the laundry i mentioned to my boyfriend we had to be careful not to d

rop any flea eggs if they were on the sheets. he asked, like those? and pointed to little white things. then i saw the bed bugs, two or three crawling and wriggling. EW!

i put it in a jar and immediately packed up all my clothes and took them to the laundry mat. i left my furniture inside to be fumigated and picked it up and was moved out two days later. the landlord had told me previously two fumigation treatments were needed to get rid of them, but from the papers i was shown, it had only been fumigated once before i moved in - didn\'t find that out until after. and i say a for rent sign on the building the day after i moved out, so they obviously aren\'t going to do a follow up to this treatment either.

now we believe my boyfriend\'s parents house has them too. these things are terrible. i ended up staying at a hotel for quite a few nights and now because it\'s so hard to find a place to live here, am staying with family.

i\'m scared to take my stuff out of storage for fear that there are more bugs in there.

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