221 Lloyd Ave
North Vancouver District, BC V7P

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The apartment manager of 120 West 19th Street, North Vancouver, says there are reports of bed bug bites from the apartment next to mine, and is to have bed bug sniffing canines in to inspect my apartment on Tuesday, September 27, 2011.

This address is the BLUE BUS HEAD OFFICE.
Monday to Friday
221 Lloyd Ave
North Vancouver, BC

Call, write, email. Transit is one of the main ways these bed bugs are getting around.

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Hello All:

I live in Vancouver BC.

I am really peeved at the polititians on all levels of government. During the Federal election, (we have 2 more coming up -- the provincial by-elections at the end of October and the municipal election in November) I mentioned the bed bug pro

blem in Vancouver and ALL the candidates just ignored me or told me to call another level of government.

I have experienced having and getting rid of them at home. There was an infestation at work (yes, work...they get into the upholstery in the cubicles, the chairs and the carpet) that got treated. So I know the drill.

NOW, this weekend...and I never take public transit. I took transit twice this weekend and guess what? I have bites all over my back, my ankles, and my arms.

I called both Translink in regards to the Skytrain I took on Friday. And then Blue Bus, West Van Transit in regards to the #250 Horseshoe Bay, I took on Saturday. I am sure that nothing will be done even though both the operators that took my calls were polite and didn't treat me like a whack job.

What does it take for some of the people to listen? Polititians on all levels have the means and resources to make this a public awareness campaign but instead they choose to schluff it off to another level of government. I am sorry but if a candidate is running in a riding, IT IS THEIR CONCERN no matter what level of government they are in.

Howard Moscoe in Toronto wants to declare bed bugs a public health issue. I agree. At least ONE polititian in Toronto (let alone CANADA) wants to do something about this problem. My hat goes off to Howard Moscoe for stepping up to the plate and talking about this issue.

Where are the Vancouver Politicos?

My guess, they are afraid to rile the hotels, restaurants, condo owners, and anyone else (including themselves) that have a vested interest in the 2010 Olympics. Watch, how it will SUDDENLY become a health concern AFTER THE OLYMPICS is over and the bed bug population has increased by 400% like it did in Sydney Australia when they had their Olympics.

A big part of this problem is the conspiracy of silence that surrounds this problem. The 'if we don't talk about it, it will just go away' routine. Well, that worked real good for HepC and HIV.....when will they/we learn?

If you live in the Lower Mainland, make this an election issue!!!


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