1979 Marine Dr
North Vancouver District, BC V7P

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I also lived in this complex the 1959 Tower which is attached to this 1979 tower and evenrtually had to move out because of a pharoah ant infestation. The Place was crawling with them. They did treat them but I think there may be too many people in there that were unclean and they never went away in the 3 years or so that we had them at the end. Moving out was the only solution. I did complain about them and for a long while they did nothing. Later on they began treatments. By that time it was t

oo late.

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I live here and not to hype up the landlords but they have been quite good so far. They do monthly pest control treatments and they have been walking bed bug dogs through the building to make sure there aren't any infestations.

I feel much more comfortable knowing the truth. Pests exist and the landlord is being pretty active..... but that's just me.

I've looked at so many other buildings, bed bugs are everywhere...

yes!!! pharaoh ants!!!!! so fuck many of them...im in 1940-1979 marine dr. they're small...and you can squish them..and im sure they don't do much harm...but i don't know much about them at all....but they give me the ebygebies....gross!!!! don't move in here...don't do it don't do it!!!

Don't move to this building, I left due to a festation of pharoah ant pests in the building that they can't erradicate mainly as they don't deal with it properly, and yes there were others who told me of bed bugs in friends suites in the same building. The building should be pulled down.
Another guy left and sued for his losses as he had to throw all his furniture out, he won $10,000 via court for his losses due to bed bugs, and gave that money to his Dad as it was his furniture apparently tha

t was all new and had to be thrown out, poor guy said it got so bad he could not sleep on his own bed and the only safe place was the floor! Until they got out of there and then took it to court as the management are poor and like to act like this was not a problem before, though they know it is and was. I left as I have an infant and was concerned for my baby, and these ants were migrating into my suite, they were already in teh building and the management never informed me when I moved in while pregnant! I saw lots of them crawling all over the laundry room downstairs every week, so bad I could not put anything down or touch any of the walls etc in there for fear of them especially after reading up and researching them, just go and read up on pharoah ants to know more. Anyway I lost my patience and wrote a final letter requesting refund of my rent etc, and they tried to act like they did not know anything about these ants, and I told him he did and I had his letter to prove it that he'd put up in the washroom stating the ants are back again and to report if you see any in your suite so they can treat it, trouble is you can't treat them that way you have to treat the whole building and even then they may not go completely, hence that building is infested with pests and should be pulled down to be safe to all.

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Any updates on the bed bug issue here? I'm looking to move here maybe.

Nov 25, 2008 eleventh floor. I'm pretty sure I found a bed bug on the futon filled with blood. I caught it and some blood squished out. My 3 year old son was sleeping on the couch.

I searched high and low in the apt to find others or evidence that their is more. I can't find anything.

I have a brand new bed only 2 weeks old found no evidence. All the furniture is new except for the TV , tv stand and futon.

Not sure if the bug hitched a ride in or the apt is becoming infested.

My worst nightmare is coming true.

Will report to landlord in the morning. I bought a mattress and boxspring covers.

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