230 4th St W
North Vancouver, BC V7M

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My friend was living on the 3rd floor when a neighboring tenant was reported to have bedbugs. The landlord had the neighbor's suite treated but upon hearing that my friend's suite was not infected, the landlord declined to treat my friend's unit. This was during October/November 2011.

I was there the day my friend moved out of his suite on the 3rd floor on February 15, 2012. The movers discovered a very heavy infestation of bedbugs on my friend's bed and bedroom wall.

The landlord spr

ayed the unit after my friend moved out but no compensation was provided. I was in the apartment after my friend moved out, with the landlord in attendance so I felt it was incumbent upon me to report this and respond to the previous post made by the landlord on January 25, 2013 stating there had not been a problem since January 2012, when in fact a major problem was discovered in my friend's suite the day he vacated on February 15, 2012.

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Bedbugs were found and the infestation was primarly in 2 suites. Spraying started mid-November 2011 and was done every 2 weeks until bugs were eradicated. Any tenant was able to request their suite be sprayed even if there was no evidence of bedbugs in their suite. Spraying ended December 31, 2011 with spraying of hallways and stairwells continuing until end of January 2012. When I became the Manager in November 2011 it was brought to my attention (I had no knowledge of the bugs until that point

) and I immediately worked with the owner and exterminator to rid the building of the bugs. 230 West 4th Street has been bedbug free since January 2012.

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October 2011
Numerous bed bugs found in laundry room. Some fed(so red/pink in color) and others not(so yellow/brown in color)On 3rd floor new tenant moved out within 2 weeks of being in suite-he had brought it the owners attention but nothing was done. I did laundry last night and this morning I found the shell of a bed bug on the bottom of my pants that I had worn doing laundry so I believe I picked it up in the laundry room but not positive.
I have had them before so I am very aware of wha

t they look like and what needs to happen in order to get rid of them. Hoping when I call the owner today that he will deal with this NOW and properly. Family friends have a bed bug sniffing dog and I will be having the dog come to my place at very least.... but since I have only lived there 1 month ... I might also just have to move.

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