160 5th St W
North Vancouver, BC V7M

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31/01/2009 Sat and 01/02/2009 Sun.
I found one adult bad bedbug each day..
I told and show bedbugs to manager.
10 days after pest control came to my room.
he sprayed only my room...might be bedbugs are ran away my next door.
I heard that people who lived in this apt few month ago, they moved out 'cause bedbug.
I'm not sure the bedbug are gone or hiding somewhere...
Manager hasn't notice at this apt..
so..I still worry about it.
I'm still thinking...have to move or stay...

I was also surprised to find this notice under my door last night, but I am pleased that someone is being proactive about this problem. I am very concerned and have become like a crazy person inspecting very spot of dust in my apartment. I whole heartedly support any kind of tenant's action that is taken. Maybe a letter given to the management/owners outlining the tenant's concerns? Just a suggestion, I am open to any ideas...

I came home today to find a print out of this website under my door. I little surprised but glad. Maybe this will give us - the tenants a forum to communicate. I didn't realize the situation was getting worse. I don't seem to have any yet but feel like a sitting duck. I have heard a few others talking about this, I think it's important to find out just how bad it is - is it getting worse or not. Are other tenants being proactive and telling our landlord.

October 22
Despite our on-site landlords best efforts I am not sure that it has been enough. I am also not sure the owners care or understand that by not dealing with this aggressively it can VERY easily get out of control. Without a tenant meeting or notices posted we are all left in the dark not knowing what's going on and it is very concerning.

Everyone in the building should be informed and be on the alert. The building is small enough that if we were to be proactive and do the whole bu

idling we just may have a fighting chance to win this.

see full report...

Tenants found bedbugs week of September 26, 2008. Manager put up a notice for one day only. Then he brought in pest control but did not notify all tenants of the spraying and did not have entire building sprayed. Tenants not told what substances pest control used or what precautions to take. Also not told extent of infestation.

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