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Continued from: Anonymous on 11/11/2012.

I spoke with the assistant manager in the laundry room as I was washing my bedding- she was very concerned and helpful and immediately agreed to have the exterminator come in on Tuesday to inspect and then arrange a fumigation.

I got lucky dealing with her, I guess! But so far, so good in terms of a fast response and appropriate action.

Last night I discovered bedbugs; my suite is on the first floor.

I've since done by best to kill every last one I saw and am on my way to buy a bedbug mattress cover and have sealed all openings around the electrical and phone outlets I could find. I haven't yet contacted the landlord (though reading here isn't giving me hope).

Once I contact her I will post the result. Hopefully all goes well.

I just told Zorica(manager) that I found bedbugs on the 2nd floor. I handed her a piece of paper a with a bedbug taped to it. She took it and said she needed to show it the the guy who is going to spray. I said I wanted it back to send to the management company. She would not give it back and told me "you should move out, that would be best for you".
This is the type of response I expected from this woman. She ruins my day every time I am forced to interact with her.

Bedbugs on the second floor. I doubt Zorica, our joke of a manager will do a thing. I will post her response.

I talked to the unbelievably mean and incompetent manager about ants and also mentioned I was waking up covered in bug bites. I intentionally did not use the word "bed bug." She said they'd spray for the ants but anything else was my problem, I had brought it in. I said I knew for a fact others in the building had bed bugs. She claimed to be unaware of this and demanded to know who I'd spoken to. I'm not one to name names and told her so. She then says if no one's told her, then there must

not be any. I say, "Maybe they're afraid to talk to you." She says, "Why?" getting closer to me with each exchange. I say, "because you're mean." She laughs at me, her face mere inches from mine now, trying to intimidate me. When the guy sprayed for ants he discovered the bed bugs and came back to fumigate. I sealed every wall crack and opening from my suite to the surrounding ones and have been fine for 8 months. I have heard numerous reports of bed bugs on the 4th floor and 2 on the 6th floor. Those are just people I randomly spoke to.

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June 2012 My son and his girlfriend have bites and found what looks to be a bed bug I'll update on managers reaction

moved out immediately also because pharo ants all over my baby

we moved out immediately because many many many pharaoh ants everywhere and in the food.

Any chance of finding out a suite number for the previous post!?

I live in that building & want to leave due to MANY other issues... have not seen bed bugs, but would like to know how close I am to them...?

I agree the manager is one of the nastiest people I've ever met!

I reported to this manager that I'd found bed bugs and was concerned that they must have come from a neighbouring suite and may be spreading. She told me this was not her problem and that if I wanted anything done about it I would have to put it in writing. I did that, and it took a week for her to spray. She sprayed only my suite and refused to investigate further or to tell me if other suites had been infested.

This is not the only problem in this building. It is full of mould, both ele

vators are frequently out of service, and the manager is a truly horrible woman to deal with. There have been reports of homeless people entering the parking area and using it as a toilet and she refuses to clean it up or hire someone to do it. Truly an atrocious place to live.

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