121 20th St W
North Vancouver, BC V7M

Found 2 reports:

The building is infested. The building owner is best described as insane and his concubine wife is completely afraid of him and thus is no help. If you live here, move. If you are considering moving here, live under a bridge instead, you will be happier. Karl Bose the owner should be locked up.

Moved into a suite that had just been "renovated". Found out afterwards that the suite had been infested with bedbugs by the previous tenant. I was not told this and within 2 weeks I found a fully grown adult bedbug in the bathroom. A few weeks after that I found a bedbug on my sheets. After both sitings, the areas were sprayed (1st by the building manager and then the second time by a PCO). I then started to get bitten at night and have since found a number of small infant/juvenile bedbugs.

he whole building may have this problem, but definitely the upper floor (3rd).
I am living out of bags and am not longer sleeping there at night. I launder my clothes that I take from the suite.
It's a pretty shitty situation, not the end of the world, but I wouldn't wish this upon anyone.
...now to treat all my stuff and move (and hopefully not take any little critters with me).

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