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North Vancouver, BC V7L

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I stayed at the Ocean Breeze B&B in the last room on the right on the second floor. I stayed from August 23rd to September 5th. On August 29th, in the evening, I saw a strange small red bug, which I later found out to be a bed bug. I woke up with swollen bites on August 30 and 31st. I brought it to the landlady\'s attention on the morning of the 31st, and she sprayed my bedroom and luggage, and moved me to a new room on the same floor. The landlady told me that they had never had an infestation

before, and since they weren\'t able to find any dead bugs after they sprayed, I think this must be the case. After they moved me into the new room, I did not get any more bites. I did, however, find a dead bed bug on the outside of my luggage while cleaning out my luggage after I had left. The B&B was very clean. My only complaint is that they made no effort, other than spraying my luggage, to help me make sure my luggage was not infested.

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