250 2nd St E
North Vancouver, BC V7L

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We represent Transpacific Realty Advisors. We believe that the bedbugs were brought to the building by a tenant. After being notified, Transpacific coordinated through a professional pest control company a proactive and planned approach to bedbug elimination. As of Feb. 16, 2011, this building is bed bug free.

Proactive maintenance is very important to Transpacific and in the last year we have upgraded the building significantly including re-plumbing, hallway upgrades, lobby upgrades, and su

ite upgrades.

We are an open, transparent, and approachable property management company, if there are any maintenance concerns, including bedbugs, tenants are encouraged to contact our office.

For more information on bedbugs, please see the link below to the website of the service provider that helped us solve our bedbug problem:


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Building managed by Transpacific Realty has bed bugs and seems unwilling to do much about it.

The second time in 6 months a tenant has reported bed bugs in their suite. The manager is spraying their unit but says he cannot spray in the hallways because "people might have asthma", says that nothing proactive can be done and he has to wait until bed bugs are reported in specific units before he can spray for them, seems that cost is definitely an issue as this is obviously a problem in the building but nothing has been done to stop it before it happens.

Found out from neighbour that there are bedbugs in the building and the landlord confirmed this when asked. He sprayed the suites that had them, but is worried about the cost and did not seem to want to spray the hallways to prevent their spreading.

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