235 16th St E
North Vancouver, BC V7L

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I moved in July,2012.Due to a collapsed house sale I
had to move back to my home in Vancouver September,2012.I had a bedbug enclosure on my mattress and boxspring and also encased these items in plastic bags for the move.As we were loading the mattress into the truck we noticed 3-4 bedbugs on the outside of the mattress cover.I was in apt #304.

Moved in Last September, was getting bitten right away, but took us months to determine what the problem was, the landlord has sprayed 2 times in my suite and the managers suite below, but has not investigated any other suites, they are back again in my suite and will need to be sprayed again, I moved from the island were my belongings were in storage for over a year and Vancouver island does not have this problem, I have determined it is a building problem and although the landlord has covered

costs of spraying they have not covered any costs that I have incurred which is well over 600.00 and rising.
I would not move into this building until the landlord corrects this issue, which is unlikely without them determining the suites that are infected. My reaction to bed bugs is less severe compared to my partners is very severe she can no longer be in the suite, buy the time I move and relocate my costs will have exceeded well over 2000.00 and the landlord has no intentions of covering any of these costs.

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