154 18th St E
North Vancouver, BC V7L

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We moved into Mark Manor,154 East 18 st, north van in the fall of 2009. After a month or thereabouts we started noticing black marks on our sheets. Upon further investigation we found alot of brown little bugs.It was later determined that they were bedbugs.Its gettung worse I think, not sure what to do, move out maybe. Stay farrrrrr away from this building, its seriously infested.

My wife and I moved into our apartment at 154 East 18 St. North Vancouver in Oct 2006. A couple months later we started having rashes and itching and getting bumps on our arms and torso.We had no idea what was going on. We went through this for 9 months before we finally found the problem in December 2007. Zillions of bedbugs hiding in our bed, in the cracks of the floor moulding all over the apartment. We asked the owners to take care of it so they sprayed, twice.We asked them to cover the cost

of the bed encasements, they said no.Just spraying is not enough, we had no choice but to spend the money to solve their problem. We did tons of research, bought a wack of supplies, new sheets, comforters, diatomaceous earth, created some slippery surfaces, isolated the bed from the floor, walls and objects,steamed the cracks. We spent over 200 bucks just for laundering costs not to mention new sheets, double bedbug encasements for bed and boxspring,(the proper bedbug covers are not cheap), ammonia, tape, metal bed frame, new pillows and proper bedbug covers, the list goes on. It cost us over $700 in materials plus we have to throw out our new bed/boxspring when we move so there's an additional 1000.00. It took a good solid 4 or 5 months straight of non stop work and time and money to get things under control.We didn't want to have people over for 6 months for fear of them taking home some bugs or larvae. If you want to get your problem solved it takes a huge commitment.Don't shortcut, don't accept just a spray from your landlord, generally it is never enough. The Ficam and other chemicals that are used do not always penetrate the larvae or kill all the bugs. You have to totally break the cycle and kill them one by one, it can take some time.We have not seen a bug now for over a year and no bites that we know of. Do your homework, read peoples stories and prepare to get screwed by your landlord or building owner for monies you have spent. I have asked Helen, the building owner at 154 East 18 St, North Vancouver to reimburse me for 1500 bucks. I doubt she will pay, they are all about the money and don't give a crap about the problem or how it affects the tenant. That's my summarized version of our story. Good luck to all who have been plagued by these little bugs.

Gord-North Vancouver

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