151 Keith Rd E
North Vancouver, BC V7L

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Due to lack of cooperation on the part of the tenant it took four treatments to eradicate all bed bugs. The building has been bed bug free for over one year. It would have been appropriate on the part of the tenant to acknowledge the fact that he no longer has any bed bugs, and coincidentally, he is still living in the building.
We are responding now because we have only just been informed of this web site posting.
Property Manager
June 23 09

We have had four treatments for our apartment suite from the company that it hired by the managers to fumigate. Treatments began in August. Tonight I have seen clear evidence that the bedbugs are still alive and well (unfortunately). Excrement signs on the fitted sheet at the head of the bed where I sleep and fresh blood when I pressed on one of these spots. I also had fresh blood stain on the eye mask I wear at night. I hate this and wonder when it will end.

Tenant brought them back from a Florida vacation. The have infested at least 4 units in the building.
Extermination has not worked thus far.

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